Training schedule for Vietnam

This is the outline for the week, with one three-hour session before lunch and 3.5 hours after lunch, each day. All those attending the sessions will be newspaper journalists, as far as I know now.


  • Morning: How U.S. journalists use and write blogs
  • Afternoon: How to make your own blog (hands-on)

Software needed: Web site (free)


  • Morning: Online audio and podcasts
  • Afternoon: How to gather and edit audio (hands-on)

Hardware needed:

  1. Digital audio recorders for each 2 or 3 participants to use
  2. Loudspeakers for my laptop computer
  3. Headphones for each computer used by participants

Software needed:

  1. Audacity, including the LAME MP3 encoder, installed and configured (free)
  2. Switch file format converter (free)


  • Morning: Audio slideshows (rationale and examples)
  • Afternoon: How to create an online slideshow with audio (hands-on)

Software needed: Soundslides demo version (free)

Hardware needed:

  1. Loudspeakers for my laptop computer
  2. Headphones for each computer used by participants


  • Morning: Useful tools for journalists — RSS feeds and readers; social bookmarking
  • Afternoon: Online maps; how to create an online map (hands-on)

Software needed:

  1. Google Reader (Web site)
  2. (Web site)
  3. FMAtlas (Web site)
  4. Google Maps


  • Morning: Online video practices at U.S. newspapers
  • Afternoon: How to edit video (hands-on)

Software needed: Windows Movie Maker (free)

Hardware needed:

  1. Loudspeakers for my laptop computer
  2. Headphones for each computer used by participants

Hoping this will work, as it’s not yet clear what kind of gear and software will be available to us during the training sessions.


3 thoughts on “Training schedule for Vietnam

  1. Hey, Graham, I have enjoyed your Noodle Pie blog for some time. Sorry you are no longer in HCMC. I will be in both Hanoi (one week) and HCMC (one week).

    I will eat a lot — having lived in Washington, D.C., I have been introduced to lots of Vietnamese food, and I love it! I always eat pho even now whenever I have a bad cold (and at other times as well). I’m very fond of banh cuon and banh xeo and, of course, all manner of pau (bau in Malaysia).

  2. I find it quite odd that you’re there doing what you’re doing and I do the same in London for the Frontline Club 🙂

    I really should get some gigs over there again…

    Apart from Bun cha in Hanoi… forget it. Eat in the south. For great Banh cuon, try the stall inside Ben Thanh market

    One of the best Banh xeo in Saigon is at 46A Dinh Cong Trang Street,

    But, for me, the dish I miss the most is possibly the simplest of the lot, but impossible to replicate outside of the south of Vietnam. Banh Trang Phoi Suong, 188 Nguyen Van Thu Street

    Enjoy. Most jealous…

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