Blogs in Vietnam

Looking for blogs from and about Vietnam, I have to conclude that there are not a lot of them in English, even though blogging is supposedly a huge craze over there. Many of those that exist are written by expats living in (or who have recently lived in) Vietnam. Probably the Vietnamese bloggers are writing in their own language (can’t fault them for that).

I saw a lot of diary blogs on and — not very interesting. I saw a lot of blogs about adoption (not something I expected to find). I found no journalist blogs in English. Anyway, here are the blogs I found that are: (a) in English; (b) still being updated; and (c) looked interesting to me:

If you can recommend any others, please post a comment.


3 thoughts on “Blogs in Vietnam

  1. The Blogs are dominated by Yahoo. 95% of all bloggers blog with yahoo. Yahoo was the first major internet website to set up a dedicated server and Vietnamese on their website. Since then they have been reaping the rewards. Ask someone what blog they use and it is yahoo 360 and IM 5 bucks it is yahoo too.

    There are 25 expat guys in Vietnam that blog about Vietnam in Vietnamese and English.

    They all do it in yahoo 360 because they know if it was blogger or wordpress.

    No one would read it.


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