The looong flight (postponed)

There’s been a bit of a delay in my departure time, but all is well. People often ask how long the flight will take. Honestly, I don’t want to know. Because of the many changing time zones, I would need to count it up — and I would rather not!

The first time I flew to Southeast Asia was in 1995, to Malaysia. The second time was to Hong Kong, in 1997 (with a side trip to Malaysia). Then to Sydney for the 2000 Olympic Games. In 2001, I received my first speaker grant from the U.S. State Department and went to Thailand for two weeks. Then Malaysia again, for an eight-month residency that ended in July 2005.

So, I have made this kind of flight five times. I can testify that it’s no fun. It’s long, and it’s very disorienting. I think it’s better to fly through Tokyo-Narita or Seoul-Inchon instead of through Europe, even though I live on the East Coast of the U.S. It’s more painful to change planes in the European airports. And of course, it’s 100 times better to fly business class than to fly coach!

Thanks to the State Department, this time I will be in business class.  I will fly through Atlanta, Georgia, to Inchon (Seoul) and on to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur) in Malaysia.

Don’t ask me how long it will take. I really don’t know!


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