Already stuffed with rice (and other good food)

Arrived in Malaysia Friday night (May 9) at midnight (noon U.S. Eastern time). My friend Milton met me and ferried me away to her home. Luggage all arrived safely — so far, so good!

First thing in the morning, we went out for some nasi lemak. It’s wonderful how my Bahasa Malaysia vocabulary comes right back to me. No grammar, unfortunately, but plenty of nouns and a few useful verbs. Milton asked me if I wanted sotong — she couldn’t remember the English word (squid) in sos kacang (peanut sauce). Yummy, yes! I forgot to take a photo of my first breakfast in Malaysia — too busy eating it.

Had a lazy day hanging around with Milton, ate a lot of rambutan and mangosteen (my favorite fruit), went out for some errands and bought two music CDs (Too Phat’s Too Furious, and one by Ramli Sarip).

This morning I met another friend from UiTM, Siti, and she took me to her house, where her three grown daughters had been cooking up some fantastic chicken rice! Wow, was it good! They made both sauces and everything. Big family feast. Met Siti’s husband Syed for the first time — he travels on business all the time but is at home this weekend. Siti’s mother also lives with them, and her son Ozal has grown almost into a man since I last saw him three years ago. They have a new house with the biggest kitchen I have ever seen in this country. The four kids have been very talkative — their English is excellent. The two oldest girls have finished university and are working now.

More mangosteen and one small pisang (banana), plus a little kaya toast. Already getting fat lah.


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