Day 4, Kuala Lumpur

Everyone wants to know if I know about Malaysia’s recent elections. Everyone’s so happy to hear that I followed them with great interest! And when we have exhausted our opinions abut the future of Malaysia and its ruling party, the next question for me is, “Are you for Hillary or Obama?” No one asks me about McCain. He is completely off the radar here.

Monday I saw lots of my old colleagues from the faculty at UiTM in Shah Alam. Today (Tuesday) I moved from Siti’s house to the KL Hilton — my favorite hotel in the world! I think I am finally over the jet lag — hoping I can sleep past 4 a.m. tonight.

Shopkeepers in Chinatown

Above: My favorite photo from today, when I went walking in Chinatown.

Siti and her family

Above: Siti and most of her family (minus one daughter and one grandmother) in their living room. These two daughters and their dad had just gotten home from work, so I caught them before they changed clothes.

Tasty breakfast - roti canai

Above: Roti canai, one of the best foods in all the world!

Milton at home

Above: Milton in front of her house. (She has a very green thumb.)

More photos here.


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