At liberty in Hanoi

Friday was my last day teaching the Hanoi journalists. They organized a farewell lunch, and the U.S. embassy invited Larry Berman, author of the nonfiction book Perfect Spy. The embassy provided copies of the Vietnamese translation for all the journalists, and Larry signed copies (view slideshow).

Larry Berman signs copies of his book in Hanoi

Today my best friend and her family are due to arrive from the U.S. Their airline — Delta — totally screwed up their flight. They are arriving more than 12 hours later than originally scheduled. How messed up is that?

Yesterday I had a great morning sightseeing with Thuy, one of the young journalists from the course. I will post photos later. Today: The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology! I hear it’s very good!


4 thoughts on “At liberty in Hanoi

  1. Hi teacher. Im surprised wen saw my face on ur pic of that day party. Becuz I’ve taken a lot of pix for everyone but except me. I also posted our class working (of cos have u there, Mindy).
    It’s very nice to know u and ur lectures 2.
    one of students.

  2. Hey, Thao, you can post your Soundslides exactly as I posted this one:

    1) Upload the publish_to_web folder to your hosting site (e.g.,

    2) Rename the publish_to_web folder on the Web server.

    3) Make a screen capture of your favorite photo in the slideshow.

    4) Post the screen capture image to your blog and LINK it to your slideshow!

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