About me and this blog

I started this blog in April 2008 to chronicle my travels in Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam, in May and June 2008.

My name is Mindy McAdams, and you can learn more about me from my home page. The photo above shows me (second from left) at a Malay wedding in Gombak, near Kuala Lumpur, in 2005. The groom is the first on the left (you probably guessed that), the bride is next to me, and the bride’s older sister is at right. At the time, I was living in Shah Alam, Malaysia, and teaching journalism at UiTM, one of the country’s major universities, on a Fulbright Scholar grant. You can learn more about that on my Malaysia page.

In fall 2007, I was planning a return trip to Malaysia (because I miss it so much), with a visit to Cambodia and Angkor Wat, when I received an invitation from the U.S. State Department to conduct some training for journalists in Vietnam. Lucky for me, I had not yet booked my airline ticket, so I was free to travel when they needed me. We set the dates for the training and then I added on my Malaysia and Cambodia travel.

This blog chronicles my travels as well as my working experience during this journey.

A New Chapter

In September 2011, I traveled to Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, to begin teaching about online journalism at Padjadjaran University on my second Fulbright award. This was a 10-month grant for teaching only (no research).

My blog about Indonesia is Ini Di Sini.

In June 2012, I traveled around Myanmar (Burma) for 18 days — a wonderful experience. I have now visited or lived in seven of the 10 ASEAN nations: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The three remaining: Brunei, Laos, and the Philippines.